What is talk the future?

At Talk the Future, we connect businesses with students to stimulate systemic changes in the company that directly act upon the climate crisis and biodiversity loss.  Through creative dialogue, we encourage highly informed and concerned students to talk about the challenges we face as a society. Together with the company, we can explore what they can do to make a valuable contribution in dealing with the climate emergency and biodiversity loss. Talk the Future is a project by Student Alliance Wageningen.

Why is talk the future needed?

Students rarely get the opportunities to engage businesses on topics that are important to them. Equally, for businesses it can be difficult to find the information and tools to tackle these complex societal problems. When it comes to the climate emergency and biodiversity loss, the problems seem insurmountable and the inclusion of involved and informed students can be a vital solution. 

Information for businesses

With Talk the Future, we seek to engage businesses who can make meaningful changes to the way our systems (amongst others, of food, energy and waste) operate. Sustainable change can make your company more efficient, attractive, and competitive, as sustainability is becoming an important issue for more and more people.

Our sessions are guided by students who often learn about innovative solutions (and how to find these solutions) and are motivated to turn their knowledge into practice. Our service is first and foremost customizable to your needs and wishes as a business. The general outline of the sessions consists of an informative presentation about the current state of the global climate and the ecological crisis. Next, through collaborate thinking, we work out how your business can become more sustainable using a solid framework.

These sessions will raise awareness among your employees, which leads to more solidarity and increased affiliation with the business. Sustainable change will make your business more competitive, by both becoming more efficient and going with the ‘global trend’ in sustainability! Furthermore, Talk the Future will provide access to our large network of organisations and businesses and you might also meet students that could be your next generation of interns/employees. Any business with an interest in becoming more sustainable is invited to cooperate with Talk the Future and we will offer a service* tailored to your needs and wishes.

*our service is offered in Dutch and in English

Information for students

We are always seeking enthusiastic students who want to get involved with Talk the Future. The service that we provide involves giving presentations about climate change and the ecological crisis to businesses. Another part is a creative dialogue in which we conceive sustainable solutions and changes together with business. You will be guiding these sessions together with another student. This means that you will give the presentation and make sure that it is customized to the businesses’ needs, and that you will get the conversation going in the dialogue by asking the right questions.

Your participation in Talk the Future is unpaid. However, we provide training moments to help you prepare and develop the necessary skills, so that these sessions are guaranteed to be a success. Moreover, we offer an opportunity to develop your presentation and communication skills in a professional environment.

We are looking for students who would like to participate in the project coming period 5 (March 2022)!

So, if you want to grow your professional network, while simultaneously having an impact in making businesses more sustainable, then you should apply!

We are looking for students who:

  • Have an interest in climate change and/or the ecological crisis.
  • Have good communication skills.
  • Are eager to develop presentation skills in a professional environment
  • Are not afraid to guide a group conversation.

If you are interested, please send a short motivation letter to