Frisse Gedachtes

For students who feel lonely, stressed, lonely, purposeless, or down; or for students who just want to talk to someone, Frisse Gedachtes can be of help. Their aim is to help as many students in Wageningen as possible by creating an open space, where students feel free to talk about whatever is bothering them. 

Frisse Gedachtes offers three free services.

The Platform
On an online platform, students can anonymously get in touch with student-buddies who are psychology students or experts. Through chatting, the trained buddies offer a listening ear to any student who needs it.

Wageningen Walks
With this hiking program, Frisse Gedachtes offers students the chance to bring back some of the spontaneity to life, of course corona-proof! Students can sign up online and are matched with another student to go for a walk. 

Awareness events
Frisse Gedachtes Board of Wageningen also organises events addressing mental health. These events are often in collaboration with psychologists and student organisations such as S.A.W. and student/study associations.