Science of Sleep

Eat. Study. Sleep. Repeat. This reflects a typical exam week rhythm for many students. And from this vital components of student life, sleep is too often the first to suffer. On this page, powered By Student Alliance Wageningen, the science of sleep is explored and collected into an accessible format. Stay informed here about a science of sleep lecture series and indepth sleep trainings.

Student Alliance Wageningen has the mission to safeguard the quality of student life. One of the vital aspects of student life is wellbeing. Therefor, S.A.W. has a social wellbeing portfolio. Under this portfolio we organise stressmanagement trainings and exchange information with the student psychologists of the WUR and the national student union (LSVb).

In the light of the corona crisis many students experience more pressure, loneliness and difficulty in staying motivated.  We noticed in our stressmanagement trainings and contact with students that sleep often suffers. Therefor we have successfully applied for the FISSN fund (, which is part of the Quality Agreements of the WUR; governmental funding meant to improve quality of education and student life.

On this page the already available content on sleep is collected. Furthermore we provide sleep trainings, given by fellow students who are trained by the Slaapmakend institute ( The sleep improvement trainings are free to attend and last 1,5 hours. In period 6 a pilot of three trainings starts. The rest of the trainings takes place after summer.  Sign up through this form.

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Please sign up for trainings; registration open now!

The Secrets of Sleep: introduction event on May 27, 20:30

In this event S.A.W. collaborates with Surf Your Stress and Frisse Gedachtes Wageningen to start a dialogue about sleep, as well as debunk long-existing myths and offer a doze off meditation session. The sleep deepening trainings in june are also introduced here so sign up now for the event to learn more! 


In period 6 we will launch a pilot series of three sleep trainings. After the summer vacation a longer training series will start.

In this project S.A.W. collaborates with Slaapmakend, surf your stress and Frisse Gedachtes Wageningen. Please visit this page for more info. 

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