Board vacancies


Dear Students of Wageningen, 

Every day, we are committed to improve the quality of student life in Wageningen. We speak to various stakeholders that are of importance to the student life. We’re in contact with the university, the housing agencies and landlords, the municipality and the province. But equally important we speak with a great network of students in and around Wageningen and have good connections with fellow student unions all across the Netherlands. 

Student Alliance Wageningen is a student union. Which means that we are committed to improve the quality of the student life in and around Wageningen. As a student union we are members of the national student union, LSVb, who help us achieve our goals. We concern ourselves with the quality of education, student housing, internationalisation, mobility in and around Wageningen, social well-being of students and sustainability. In previous years S.A.W. prevented the evening lectures from happening, arranged extra busses from Ede-Wageningen to Wageningen and organised free stress-management training sessions for students. 

For next year, 2021-2022, we are looking for enthusiastic students who want to continue representing the students in Wageningen. We are looking for four new board members who want to improve the life of students in Wageningen, either full-time or part-time (6 months FOS available).

Why do you need to take this chance?

A board year at the S.A.W. is a unique experience and a great way to develop new skills. S.A.W. is a young union, but we have access to many decennia of experience and many contacts from all over the country. You have the freedom to work on current problems or cases that you find interesting. However, there is more a board year at S.A.W. has to offer! 

  • Gain extensive knowledge on our portfolios: education, student housing, internationalisation, mobility, social well-being and sustainability! 
  • Expand your negotiation skills in discussions with interesting people locally and nationally. 
  • Get free professional training sessions from the national student union (LSVb). 
  • You work in the best office of Wageningen, in the city centre. 

So, do you want to contribute to better student housing, ensure the quality of education, connect the students of Wageningen, gain board experience and create an amazing network? Then S.A.W. is your way to go!  Send a short motivation and your relevant working experience (or CV) to before May 15th

More information?

We have made a booklet with a lot of information about doing a board year at S.A.W. At the top of this page is a download button. Do you want more information about a board year at S.A.W.? You can always send us an email () or call/WhatsApp +31 647625231 (our secretary, Dianne). You can also contact any of the board members that you already know or that you have had contact with before. We are ready to answer all your questions or to schedule a video meeting. Don’t hesitate any longer!