In 2007 the Wageningen University started to grow faster in numbers than ever before. Some necessary developments occurred and the campus had to move from the city centre to where the campus now is. This growth did not happen without causing any issues. About four years ago, the university decided to start a pilot for evening lectures instead of investing in expanding its capacity. Many students, represented by study/student/sport associations, disagreed with this pilot and organised themselves in an ‘Alliance’ to fight for their free evenings.  

Fons Janssen and Aart-Jan van de Glind led this alliance and saw the potential for an official union, thus the founding of Student Alliance Wageningen. S.A.W. was supported by different student bodies and multiple politically involved students of Wageningen. The union was the leading party against, not only the evening lectures, but also against the growth of the university whilst the facilities cannot support its growth. This means that if the university grows: the student housing facilities should grow as well; that the quality of education does not suffer due to the growth; and that the accessibility of Wageningen is in line with the increasing numbers of students.