To help the board of S.A.W. we have several committees and working groups. The difference between the two is that in a workgroup you discuss current events with as a goal to obtain information and opinions about topics. A committee requires a more intensive collaboration and next to discussing topics you can also for instance organise actions or activities.

Education workgroup

Within the education workgroup we talk about current issues within the WUR. For instance about the effects of the extended daytime schedule, how the social science masters in Wageningen get less financing and study spaces.

Do you have a strong opinion about the WUR and are you interested in giving your opinion and talking about education issues in Wageningen? Then the education workgroup could be something for you! For more information or to join, send an email to .

Housing workgroup

Within the housing workgroup we talk about current issues considering student housing in Wageningen. For instance about how to decrease nuisance from student houses, the 5% rule and how to help students with applying for GBLT tax remission. 

Are you interested in student housing and would you like to give your opinion about the housing situation in Wageningen? Then the Housing committee is something for you! For more information or to sign-up send an email to .

Internationalisation committee

In collaboration with various stakeholders, we are constantly seeking to find ways and solutions to enhancing internationalisation. Furthermore, we aim to improve international student life e.g. translation of some documents from the municipality, registration with a bank or health insurance provider, where to purchase items (furniture, bicycle). This committee can also focus its activities to beyond students, where we can collaborate with the municipality to work on initiatives to stimulate integration.

Do you have a project or idea in mind that would apply to such a committee? Or would you like to engage in already existing activities of the committee? Then contact us at and journey with us.

Leenstelsel Afschaffing Commissie (LAC)

#nietmijnschuld campagne

Together with the national student movement led by the LSVb (National Student Alliance) and the FNV, this committee is setting up a movement against the loan system. Members of this committee organise and plan for campaigns, and enforce them in Wageningen. The goal is to make sure as many political parties address the abolishment of the student loans on their party program before this years elections.

Would you like to help with this campaign and are you interested in joining the committee? For more information or to sign-up send an email to . This committee is the only Dutch speaking committee.

Media committee

The S.A.W. is an alliance and will therefore put pressure on bigger organizations like the university, the municipality and others that are of relevance for a certain topic. Since time immemorial, communication has proven an effective avenue to address issues. This committee leverages this and capitalizes on the power of press, campaigns and social media. Moreover, we only exist shortly, so communication to the outside world is very
important to create familiarity and legitimacy.

Are you interested in making a difference using this platform and would you like to make some digital impact? Then the media committee is something for you! For more information or to sign-up send an email to  .

Sustainability committee (Talk the Future)

This committee, under the name, Talk the Future, centers on sustainable systemic change through use of creative dialogue facilitated by students, that addresses the challenge of the climate crisis and biodiversity loss. The committee aims to raise awareness among professionals in Wageningen, facilitate creative dialogue on how businesses and industries are able to contribute to a green systemic change at a local scale and engage students in the local professional sphere and facilitate exchange of perspectives.

Is a better, greener world something that you find alluring? Would you like more information on sustainability engagements? Send an email to to get you started.

UWC logo transparant

United Wageningen Committee

Internationalization plays an important role within Wageningen University, with a growing number of international students. However, there seems to be a lack of good integration between students of different nationalities, when it comes to language, habits, values and norms, because of cultural differences. We strive to make all students feel like they belong to the Wageningen community, and not only to their subjective subcommunity of the WUR.

So, the main objective of the United Wageningen Committee is to raise awareness about discrimination and inclusivity among students and staff of the WUR. We do this through organizing projects and events that confront people with the issues at hand and contribute to more and better inclusivity.

For more information about this committee, email .