S.A.W. puts students on the stage again

“It has been almost three years since S.A.W was founded” says Fons Janssen (one of the founders of the S.A.W.) enthusiastically looking back at the years full of inspiration. “With the arrival of the evening lectures and the capacity problems of our rapidly growing university, it seemed to us of great importance to call a halt. At that time, the students had no overview of the university’s decisions” This was reason enough for Fons Janssen and Aart-Jan van de Glind to bring new life into the Wageningen student union. The creation of the S.A.W. ensured that students were given a place for their problems regarding matters such as: education, housing, mobility and other issues related to the quality of student life.

A board year at the S.A.W. is not just comparable with other organizations, but it has a great importance for the students in Wageningen. “My experience as the S.A.W. board represents positive freedom”, says Fons. “You have the choice of which appointments you make, where you place your priorities and what you want to learn personally. Aart-Jan and I were sometimes like fire and ice, but with the help of great coaches and support from the National Student Union (LSVb) we managed to do something great. I have learned to see how important action groups are alongside trade unions and boards to set up a change”.

With the arrival of S.A.W. there was an organization that stands for the student rights. The S.A.W. tries to keep the quality of student life and also education up high. The S.A.W. can do this by: consulting with the parties involved, offering high-quality training to students and organizations, researching situations and taking action where necessary. “The independence of the S.A.W. makes this board the perfect organization to represent the interests of the students. I will take the attitude and experience of S.A.W. with me all my life”. Fons hopes for students who are interested in participating the S.A.W. board next academic year to be prepared to dedicate themselves to a podium that is intended for the Wageningen students in Wageningen, the province and nationwide. It is an opportunity of a lifetime. “A lot of doors opened for me because of my board year at S.A.W. Currently I am involved with young professionals in the climate agreement and I have become a trainer at Trainingen Op Maat, a training company that works together with parties such as S.A.W. and LSVb”.

Inspired by Fons’ story? Apply now for a board year at S.A.W!