Almost half of Wageningen students don’t have proper bike lighting

“Students, make sure you have good bikelights!” That is the advice of Nick Ligthart, chairman of the Student Alliance Wageningen. A sampling test on Leeuwenborch and Forum (N=120) shows that 45% of the students don’t have a well-function front or back lighting on their bike. “And that can have large consequences..”, says Ligthart. Ligthart was fined €55 two weeks ago because of lacking front lighting. “I want to make sure that it doesn’t happen to many other students, because it is just a waste of money.

Next week, the S.A.W. will organise a promotion campaign 15 November near Asia plaza intersection in collaboration with the Wageningen municipality, WUR and Kragten. During sun set the organisation will promote safe bike traffic in Wageningen. “We will share flyers and stickers to the bikers to highlight that lighting is crucial for safety. With good lighting you not only prevent a fine, you also reduce the risk of an accident with 17%.

Besides awareness the S.A.W. also arranged to sell lighting on campus. From the 15th November you can buy a set of front and back lighting for €4,- in the study store of Forum. Ligthart is very content about the collaboration with the organisations and the study store. “It shows that student representatives with good ideas can include relevant parties to do good things for Wageningen students”.

This action has been made possible by the public transport commission of S.A.W. Do you have an interest to help other Wageningen students? Check out: