Students no longer have to pay for compulsory admission tests

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The House of Representatives stopped the requirement of payment for compulsory admission tests. A majority of the House of Representatives agreed on this motion of D66, CDA, ChristenUnie and GroenLinks. Admission costs were already prohibited, but universities regularly did not comply with the law. The costs were a barrier for student to start a master, while this was legally prohibited.

The costs that are now prohibited are costs of standard exams like language test. Students are obliged to take such tests to be able to apply to a study. They had to pay hundreds of euros to commercial offices. The tests could be made several times, which causes the costs to increase even more. This enlarges the inequality of opportunities and population groups.

The LSVb (National Student Union) expects that these costs will disappear immediately. If you still need to pay for similar tests, please contact us or the LSVb.