Staying at the top or doing it the legal way?

Illustratie: Elmarye Aaij

An increasing number of universities in the Netherlands is switching the main language of several of their studies from Dutch to English. This increases the number of international students that come to study here. We as students can learn a great deal in such a diverse environment. However, universities should be prepared and adapted to make the changes. Besides, the teaching and exams should be in Dutch according to the law

The association Beter Onderwijs Nederland (meaning Better Education Netherlands) is starting a process against higher education institutions that teach in English ( ). After the disclosure of Nuffic that 23 percent of the bachelors and 74 percent of the masters at universities in the Netherlands are in English. Also at the Wageningen University, most masters are completely in English and from next year onwards five bachelors will be in English.

The level of English of the teachers might not comply to the set standard and some educational material still has to be translated. However, this is a great opportunity for students. We can enjoy learning about other cultures, other academic backgrounds, different perspectives, and how to work in such a diverse environment. The variety of students enriches our understanding of the world.