Biologica: lunch breaks improve career chances of our students

The function of study associations will be damaged!

Biologica needs the breaks for symbiotic meetings between the board and the education team.

A lot of study associations, including study association B.V.W. ‘Biologica’ for biology students, have close contact with the education team. The education team consists of the programme director, the student advisors and the secretary. Every month, the board of B.V.W. ‘Biologica’ and the education team have a meeting, which is held during the lunch break (12:30 – 13:30). During these meetings, we discuss and evaluate study related issues.

Through these meetings, both parties are up-to-date about the developments of each other. For example, the education team improves the accessibility to internships, theses or courses. The board of the study association facilitates educational activities, in which the education team is involved. Through this intensive contact and educative activities, we prepare biology students for the future and their career. Our students consider this very important and needed and the board of a study association represents the interest of their member for this. We organise career and future prospect workshops like: ‘Finding your dream job’, ‘Application letter and CV writing’ and ‘How to apply for a job’.

Unfortunately, the twilight lectures will reduce the common lunch break to 30 minutes. This duration is too short to communication everything between the study association and the education team. Planning these meetings on another moment is difficult, as the members of the education team have many obligations and they are not available during the evenings. Other important meetings in which we both are seated, address subjects as the quality of education and biology program, but are not suitable to address those specific issues The study association B.V.W. ‘Biologica’ and the biology students benefit from good communication with the education team. So that’s why we plead for to keep the lunch breaks duration on 1 hour!

The new schedule proposal is a nasty issue for many students and organisations. Instead, the WUR should look for a structural solution in which they:

  1. Use current capacity properly!
  2. Invest in alternatives!
  3. Stop maximum student recruitment!
  4. Assure student development!
  5. Assure proper working conditions

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