4 ways how twilight lectures hinder WaHo

No sporters, no trainers, no committees – WaHo

WaHo depends on the full evening for full sports accessibility

Dear students of the WUR,

My name is Daniel Hoving and I am the proud chairman of the student volleyball association ‘WaHo’, working in a board with a total of 5 enthusiastic students from Wageningen.

As some of you might already know, volleyball is a very popular sport amongst students in Wageningen. We unfortunately have a capacity problem with a currently 4 gentlemen’s and 8 ladies teams, which can place approximately 180 students.

Since we as WaHo want to make full use of the training hours we have available, our trainings on Monday and Thursday night start at 18.00 hours and end at 23.00 hours. This will certainly not work with the plan for twilight lectures, due the following reasons:

  • Members of WaHo simply cannot join their practices on time of if they are forced by the University to stay until 19.00 hours.
  • Within our association we have a lot of members who volunteer to give trainings to other teams. These are also students and therefore will also be affected by twilight lectures. This might result in a team having to train without their trainer.
  • A lot of teams of WaHo play in the NeVoBo competition, in which some teams have to play away matches during week days. Twilight lectures might cause the teams to not be able to attend to these matches.
  • Apart from training- and match evenings, WaHo is also very active during other evenings in the week. We have 11 committees, who mostly have their meetings in the evening, since most students are available then.

The implementation of the twilight lectures by the WUR will have consequences on multiple aspects; the quality of the trainings, the achievements in the competition, the liveliness of the association and her committees and last but not least the accessibility and social cohesion we can offer our members.

The student life in Wageningen, is becoming increasingly appealing thanks to a large number of new students who want to have and contribute to an active student life in Wageningen. Twilight lectures are not the solution for the students from Wageningen, and will be a threat to the student life in Wageningen.

We, as WaHo board, hope that the implementation of twilight lectures will be prevented, to ensure that the quality of WaHo, as well as other student (sports) associations will not decrease.

Sportive greetings,
Daniel Hoving
Chairman of Student Volleyball Association ‘WaHo’

The new schedule proposal is a nasty issue for many students and organisations. Instead, the WUR should look for a structural solution in which they:

  1. Use current capacity properly!
  2. Invest in alternatives!
  3. Stop maximum student recruitment!
  4. Assure student development!
  5. Assure proper working conditions

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