ISOW: no twilight lectures for international Wageningen

Twilight lectures trash the international character of Wageningen!

Durable additional buildings or reconsider the growth numbers, says ISOW

The ISOW board

The new schedule proposal is a nasty issue for many students and organisations. Instead, the WUR should look for a structural solution in which they:

  1. Use current capacity properly!
  2. Invest in alternatives!
  3. Stop maximum student recruitment!
  4. Assure student development!
  5. Assure proper working conditions

Join our demonstration:

In the seventh report, Luqman Jinadu and his board of ISOW, the international student organisation Wageningen, tells that twilight lectures will damage the international character of Wageningen.

Who are we?

We are ISOW, International Student Organisation Wageningen. We are located at Genraal folkesweg inside the building with the clock. We have members from all the countries represented on the Wageningen University and Research Centre. We give all supports to students, irrespective of their geographic origin or socio-cultural affiliations etc. Thus, ISOW is for students and by students. Intriguingly, our current board members are full-time-studying students from 5 different countries Colombia, Ghana, Italy, Netherlands and Nigeria. Indeed, the word “International” in our name knows no boundary. This diversity makes us unique and second to none.

Our values: To create an inclusive atmosphere among students where they can learn and share their cultures and experiences irrespective of their socio-cultural backgrounds.

What do we do?

We foster social integration among students by organising multicultural events such as African Night, Latin Night, Arabian Night, Asian Night, fashion show. Here we celebrate the cultural heritage of our great members. These events are unique to ISOW. Likewise, foods and languages are great tools for bringing people of diverse cultures together to bridge any communication gaps. Therefore, we organise international dinners where students can meet and eat. Furthermore, we organise language classes where students volunteer to teach others their languages.

Besides we see that many students get depressed because they can’t enjoy their hobbies. For instance, dancing (Salsa, Zumba, Belly dance, Hiphop/Funk) is very popular. It becomes a big problem as depressed students can’t focus on their academics. Interestingly, ISOW has always been there for them, we break the ice. We have teams of amazing mentors that organise these dance classes for our members. We make Wageningen University and Research Centre “home away from home”.

What does the twilight lectures mean for ISOW?

ISOW is receiving tremendous supports from the University management. Without them, it will be difficult for ISOW to make our great citadel of learning “home away from home”. This relationship is like a bird (ISOW) having her nest on a tree (University). If the tree gets disturbed the bird also suffers. We extend our sincere gratitude and appreciations to the University management and reiterate our supports towards propelling Wageningen University and Research Centre to a greater height.

However, ISOW synchronises all her activities towards the evenings (17:30 hr-post lecture hours) such that is convenient for the stakeholders including the board members and volunteers. The International atmosphere at Wageningen University and Research Centre is one among the crucial reasons why ISOW and our great school are currently in the spotlight.

Language classes are given early in the evening when students still have some concentration.

We understood the plight of the University and the necessity for the evening classes. However, the University management should not just focus on classroom based knowledge as sitting behind the computers or in front of the tutors isn’t the only thing that will provide “healthy foods and healthy environments”. The world needs global citizens. For instance, how do we solve the problems of stereotypes among people of different cultures? How do we bridge the communication gaps? How do we propagate the message of peaceful co-existence in a multicultural society? We need to consider how these acquired knowledge will translate into a better society.

ISOW is doing these fantastic jobs by solving those problems. The cultural evenings have been a tremendous tool for breaking the boundary of stereotypes, we are bridging the communication gaps through our language classes. We are connecting the people with their hobbies through our dance classes. Thus, we are helping students to re-discover their talents and better unleash their potentials. Above all, we make them global citizens.

Dance classes make students happy. They enjoy their hobbies, make new friends and overcome the risk of getting depressed.

Conclusively, implementing the evening classes will make the student lives more boring especially for the International students. It will limit their participations in their extra-curricular activities and are more likely to suffer from depression. Focusing on only classroom learning won’t make graduates of Wageningen University and Research Centre into fully global citizens. Therefore, a symbiotic relationship between ISOW and the University is extremely important to distinguish our alumni around the globe. This means NO to twilight lectures.


We recommend that the University should reconsider the number of students admitted yearly or invest more on infrastructure as those are more sustainable solutions to all the stakeholders within the University.

We hope the University management would listen to our outcry.

Written by
Luqman Jinadu
ISOW president
On behalf of all the board members.