“Current lustrum week wasn’t possible without long lunch breaks”

Without a decent lunch break, no good lustrum

a board member of Aktief Slip explains why

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The new schedule proposal is a nasty issue for many students and organisations. Instead, the WUR should look for a structural solution with extra education facilities and less empty rooms. The schedule shouldn’t hinder additional student activities. During this week students and organisations explain why.

In the fifth report, Emi van der Horst, a board member of Aktief Slip (environmental sciences), tells that lunch breaks are crucial for committees in Wageningen.

In the lustrum committee of Aktief Slip, the study association of environmental sciences, six students have actively participated in this committee. These were Niels Heineman (2nd year BMW), Marisa Beunk (2nd year BMW), Suzanne van Loosbroek (1st year BMW), Inge van Dijk (2nd year BMW), Koen van Gijn (MES student) and Yme van Lith (1st year BMW). A diverse group of students makes a strong team, but with the new timetable proposal, the next committee can not practically meet. The common time for lunch is only 30 minutes and then it is also necessary to travel between the classes.

The board members and committee members come together to reflect on their successful lustrum: Wild Life

Every five years a lustrum is celebrated. This year was a special edition: the 10th Lustrum, which means we have become 50 years old. The lustrum was held from 20 to 25 March. To celebrate this milestone, preparations have been made a year in advance. The lustrum consisted of study-related activities, such as lunch lectures, a symposium and an alumni day. Arthur Mol is one of our alumni and was therefore also present during our organised reunion. In addition, there were also parties such as an open party and a roller disco. These activities provide a good integration with alumni, bachelor and master students. It also gave students the opportunity to contact scientists and companies.

The majority of the preparation and meeting were done by the commission in the breaks. Some of the activities also took place during the breaks. If the schedule proposal will be implemented, many lustra of other study associations will change very much in terms of activities and organisation. Especially the breaks were crucial for the preparation and otherwise, the lustrum could not be celebrated in this way. Not only would this be very bad for the association, also our members would miss important things here.