Wageningen, Sept 4th 2016 – From tomorrow on, 20% of the students will be faced with evening lectures for their very first time. For that reason, the student collaboration platform Student Alliance Wageningen opens a reporting point for the impact of evening lectures. With this point the students want to compensate for what the Executive Board omits to do: gathering complete information.

Wageningen University faces capacity problems. The Executive Board of the university sees the extension of lecture hours as a solution to this problem. Because of that, Wageningen University experiments with evening lectures from September to December. The pilot should clarify if evening lectures are a realistic solution to the capacity problem.

Students and teachers can visit the reporting point to register their personal experiences with regards to the pilot. Fons Janssen, chair of the daily board, explains: “Many students think that the selective evaluations will not result in a complete image of the evening lectures. By the establishment of this reporting point the Student Alliance Wageningen wants to help the university with this.” After the Christmas break, the data will be analysed and published, so the Executive Board can use them in the decision making process.

The initiative is widely supported by student organisations. Filip Hendricks, chairman of sports foundation Thymos, states: “At this moment, sport associations don’t know if they will be heard sufficiently in this pilot with evening lectures. At the same time there are concerns, because sport trainings are mainly scheduled in the early evening. By this reporting point, it is at least guaranteed that every sporting student has a chance to speak out for himself.”

Student Alliance Wageningen is a collaboration platform of students, who strive for the optimal development of students in education and extracurricular activities. Besides the gathering of information the Student Alliance Wageningen, focusses on spreading correct and complete information about the capacity problems of the university. Until now the university was information reservedly.