Probably you have heard of us via Facebook, or maybe you have send us an email with a question or passed by one of our meetings. Our mission is to make student life as good as possible. Every day, we are committed to do this for all students in Wageningen. We speak to the university, the housing agencies and landlords, the municipality and the province, and the bus and train companies.

For next year, we are looking for four board members that want to commit themselves part time or full time to the other students.

Do you want to work for better housing, ensure the quality of education, gain board experience and enlarge your network? Then the S.A.W. is your way to go!

Board members 2020-2021

Are you thinking of taking a gap year? Do you like to make new contacts, to discuss your opinions, or to organize actions? Do you see possibilities to improve student life? Try a board year at the Student Alliance Wageningen! By bringing people and organizations together, we solve the problems that involve students. You are not doing this alone. With different committees and councils backing you up you represent more than 10,000 students.

Interested? You are always welcome to ask questions via email or to come to our office.

Why do you need to take this chance?

A board year at the S.A.W. is a unique and amazing experience. The S.A.W. is a young organisation, but we have access to many decennia of experience and many contacts from all over the country. You have the freedom to work on problems that are hot topics or that you find interesting. However, that is not the only great thing!

Every day, you and your co-board members improve the life of all student in Wageningen.

You learn a great deal about the topics, you are able to negotiate with good arguments, and you build up a large network through the whole country.

You work with a great team to improve every single bit of the student life, university related or not.

Besides, every board member gets financial support and all expenses are covered.

Board functions

Within the Student Alliance Wageningen there are four board functions that each can be filled by one fulltime board member or by two part-time board members. The functions are the following:


The chair is the face of the union. He or she is the spokesperson and representative of the association toward the press, National Student Union (LSVb) and other associations.


As the secretary, you take care of keeping the S.A.W. in the spotlights by writing articles and the weekly mail, and the spreading of information. The secretary maintains the relationships with other organisation and supports the chair in the executive tasks.


All financial businesses are the tasks or the treasurer. The budget and expenses of the whole S.A.W. are drafted and checked by the treasurer. Furthermore, the income and expenses of the GAN (Green Active Network) and the committees are checked and payed by the treasurer.

General board member

The general board member leads the committees, takes care of the communication towards the members, and organizes the trainings. He or she is also taking place in the ROCOV Gelderland (Regional Meeting Consumer organisations Public Transport) and takes care of the member recruitment.

Are you convinced?

Quickly send your CV and motivation letter to