About us

Student Alliance Wageningen tries to represent as much students as possible. Student organizations that are joined in the collaboration, decide on the course of the organization together. The daily board takes care of the overview and continuity.


The Student Alliance Wageningen represents the interests of all students in Wageningen. It strives towards an optimal development for students, covering both education and extracurricular activities.


For the academic year 2016-2017, the Student Alliance Wageningen focusses on the capacity problems of Wageningen University. We are involved in the aspects that influence the growth and that are influenced by the growth. Housing, education, internationalisation, public transport and extracurricular activities. We are fighting for the best student life the students in Wageningen can get.

For 2017-2018, the Student Alliance Wageningen defined the following spearheads:

  1. Providing complete and accessible information to students on education (transparency of the university) as well as housing and public transport (information from the municipality).
  2. Improving student housing (quantity and quality), public transport and education using the needs of the students.
  3. Involving students in the decision making process about growth and capacity problems of the university.
  4. Contributing to a good decision making process about housing, education, public transport, internationalisation and capacity problems. Providing information that can be used in the process.

Connected to the LSVb

Since the 27th of August 2017 we are aspirant member of the LSVb (the National Student Union). Do you want to know more about this organisation or their services? Go to https://lsvb.nl/

The Daily Board

Giulia Homs


Rick Vleghert


Student Alliance Wageningen


Burgtstraat 1 (follow the signs up the stairs)