Housing committee

The housing committee of the S.A.W. is occupied with the developments concerning student housing in Wageningen. The shortage is becoming increasingly bigger because of the growth of the university. We are talking with the municipality, the university, Idealis and other stakeholders. We are trying to enable the building of more student housing by lobbying and organising actions. Besides, we try to improve the contact between students and other citizens of Wageningen. Furthermore, we will facilitate the meetings of the housing committees of the different associations.

Education committee

As the education committee we are involved in all changes in the education of the WUR. The growing university influences the kwality of education. Therefore, we will safeguard or even improve this quality. We will inform the Programme Committees about their rights and we will check the education of the WUR as an independent party.

Internationalisation committee

A lot of international students encounter problems during their time in Wageningen, especially at the begining. Therefore, we are composing a informative document for international students that recently arrived in Wageningen together with a few other parties. This document will include information about how to create a bank account or arrange an ensurgance. But also information like where to buy a bed or bicycle will be included. Besides, we will offer translations of municipal documents on our website. This way we hope to be able to offer everyone the best time possible.

Furthermore, we will be busy with the introduction of English spoken bachelors. Before the university can implement this change, the level of English of the lecturers have to be improved and the programmes of the courses have to be changed.

Public transport & accessibility committee

The S.A.W. is connected with the ROCOV (Regional Council Consumer organisations Public Transport) Gelderland. This way we are able to serve the interests of the students of Wageningen and to inform you rapidly about any changes in the public transport. We will evaluate the needs of the students and the bottlenecks in public transport, rental/OV-bikes and options to travel together in cars.

Press & media committee

The S.A.W. is a union and will therefore pressure different parties by organising protest and informing the press. Besides, communication with outside sources is important to create awareness and legitimacy, because we are a new organisation.