SAW searches for committee members

Do you want to get things done and work for the interests of more than 10,000 students? Send a message to the Student Alliance Wageningen! Want to know more about the SAW and what we all do? Below you can find more information

What is the Student Alliance Wageningen.

SAW takes care of the interests of the more 10,000 students in Wageningen. We believe that each student has the right to follow good and high-quality education and have an optimal student life. This means we are there for students inside but also outside the university. The Student Alliance Wageningen is committed to an optimal student life. We therefore have different portfolios to achieve this. We focus on housing, public transport and personal development. In addition, we give advice to various actors on topics regarding student life . Through our work, we want to give the Wageningen students a carefree study time, in which the SAW functions as a watchdog and conversation partner for change. In addition, the SAW will provide a supporting function for the affiliated member organizations. By organizing workshops and trainings for upcoming board members or on request, we hope to support student life.


What the Student Alliance Wageningen seeks in a committee member.

As a committee member of the S.A.W., you have a heart for education, housing, internationalisation, sports or public transport and you are involved in the student life in Wageningen. You have a wide interest and are willing to work on problems. Working together within the SAW is of great importance, but personal initiative is equally important, because we are just starting up. You are accessible to students and dare to give your opinion about matters that concern the student interest. In addition, you are eager to learn and to get things done. You are approachable and able to give and receive critique.

Information about the committees

Disappointed by the student housing market? Frustrated because of the twilight lectures? Stressed because of the crowded public transport? Do you have creative or practical solutions to these problems? Than come and join us. We are looking for students that:

  • Want to analyse these problems
  • Have good ideas how to solve these problems
  • Want to (learn how to) communicate with the university, municipality and other stakeholders
  • Want to extent their network

We are setting up several committees and working groups with the following subjects:

  • Education
  • Internationalisation
  • Housing
  • Public transport
  • Press and media
  • Municipality
  • High performance compensation

You can become a member for free and participate in trainings and committees.

You will not only contribute to a better Wageningen for students, but you also gain a vast network and get to know how things are organized at the university, municipality and other stakeholders.


Signing up or more information

Interested? Or do you want more information? Send a message to or contact us via Facebook @sawageningen